Learning Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

5 week computer course starting on Tuesday November 3.

Tutor Wayne Parkinson

Venue: MCA Hall, 297 Vaughan Rd, Owhata

Time: 6.30—8.00pm

At the conclusion of this series of sessions, the learner will be able to

  • Format a cell or range of cells
  • Save and close the spreadsheet
  • Easily move around the spreadsheet
  • Correctly edit the data in selected cells
  • Insert or delete rows or columns
  • Alter the column width to suit the data
  • Copy data or formula from one cell to another
  • Create formulae to provide the correct answer

Cost: $10 for the course.

As spaces are limited, please enrol and pay promptly.

Phone: 345 5971 to book your place.