A good time to enjoy life

Being a senior citizen has its benefits. Retirement gives lots of time for doing so many of the things pushed to the background in busy lives.

Yes, there are health problems popping up occasionally, but a group of seniors laughing together can find ways to make those uncomfortable times more bearable with their own reminiscences of forgetfulness or hurdles overcome. This camaraderie is one of the reasons why the Mokoia Community Association organises regular bus trips as part of its Active Ageing programme.

The latest trip to the Festival of Flowers held this year in Matamata attracted heaps of people, and it was great to observe the coachloads of seniors from all over the place who turned their outing into a really sociable event. Our seniors admired the world-class nature to art entries at the show, enjoyed lunch with friends, and strolled around a different town doing a bit of shopping here and there. The bus trip home was a lot of fun as they chatted about their day.

Active Ageing is all about DOING things, whether mentally or physically. The MCA offers a range of activities, helped by the generous funding received from our local RECT, and is always looking at ways to widen that range. Your input is very important. What YOU want to do is what we will try to provide. Any suggestions for a particular sort of outing or new activity are always welcome.

Festival of flowers 1
Kevin is contemplating a very stylish composition in the Memorial Hall entrance, strategically placed alongside Anzac Day remembrances. Lots to think about.


Festival of flowers 2

Sue looks thoughtful alongside a beautiful creation called “Treasure in Dad’s Shed”. So many memories of past days were included in this exhibit and the blokes present really appreciated all the “junk” looking beautiful!

There is more going on in Eastside for seniors than is realised. Lots of new friends to find out there, lots more laughs to be enjoyed.

If you are new to the area, please give us a ring on 345 5971 and join in some of the activities. A warm welcome is guaranteed.