A word from MCA Whanau Support March 2016

I made a conscious decision last month to put my body and mind through the drill and enter into a 12 week long bootcamp. As each day nears, I usually go through my routine internal battle of looking for all sorts of excuses of why I don’t really need this. I then return to the purpose that motivates me, and remember “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. A fitter and healthier me. As usual the internal battle continues while I’m gasping for air on the endurance run or trying to find inner strength to tone the core. Then I have to remind myself “YOUR CHOICE”. As Robert Frost quotes “The only way out is through.”

It’s no different to any of us wanting to go through life change programmes of some sort. *   Admitting first and foremost the need for positive change in our lives. *   Identifying what exactly it is that needs to change, and more importantly WHY ? * The WHY? question will be your motivational factor that keeps you going, a bit like me and those dreaded endurance runs.

This month of March leads us into the time of Easter eggs and bunnies, but more importantly for our faith communities a time of sacrifice and rebirth.

It’s no different with lifestyle changes that require personal sacrifice to work through the challenges facing us, trust in the process and an understanding that in the end you’re reborn with a fresh revived outlook on life and the journey ahead.

I thought I might offer a self guided process for the general Joe or Jane down the road who knows little about stages of change, in hope it provides you with something to ponder over while we’re trying to carry out those new year’s resolutions.


Stages of ChangesSome changes look negative

SAFE Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat returning to Rotorua 2016. Our fantastic instructor Chae is once again offering to run another weekend workshop either at the end of April or end of May. If you are interested let us know at Mokoia Community Association and if we get the right numbers we’ll bring Chae back. I did the workshop myself and it’s great in preparing you mentally and physically to get out of unsafe situations quickly, so call us on ph: 345 5971 to register your interest now.