Christmas Tree

A word from Mokoia Community Association Whanau Support

As we wind down and head toward Christmas, it’s a good time to reflect on the year gone by:  the many challenges and celebrations for us all as individuals, families, workers in whatever field we are in, and that we are able at this point to acknowledge we have survived another year.

With a little over a month to go now is the time to start planning for a restful break and catch up with friends and families.

‘Tis the season to be jolly  but “everything in moderation” makes for a great time for all.

‘Tis the time of giving and receiving,. If you’re in a position where you are trying to help someone through a difficult time, remember, they may not want you to fix it.  Besides you may not know how to, so just let them know you will be there even if you have no idea how to make things better.   Often people just need a safe space to work through those difficulties and the pain it brings along the way.  To know you are there through their healing  is reassuring even if you’re saying nothing.   SILENCE & PRESENCE are invaluable gifts to give.

There will be times when your gut or intuition is feeling uneasy and unsafe.  Take note of those ones, and seek professional help.  Even during the festive season there are emergency helplines to ring, and I will list these below.

NZ has had a rough time over the last couple of weeks with the weather and impact on family and community. Local civil defence always remind us to be prepared.  This is no different!!  Be prepared to have a great time with those closest to you.  Prepare for stress, prepare for fun, prepare to do nothing sometimes.  This way there are no surprises and no casualties.  Take care of each other, and to the many families that have passed through my door this year, don’t forget what you’ve learnt, what you know and who you can go to for help. Stick to the basics and  tackle those challenges in smaller bite sizes so they are achievable.    Don’t forget your own self care along the way.

Our Whanau Support Service will close December 22nd 2016,

So, in my closing remarks for 2016

MAKE TIME FOR YOU,   MAKE TIME FOR FAMILY,                     

Have a Safe & Joyous Christmas

Mauri ora,    Huhana


All emergencies call 111
Youthline   0800 376 631
Lifeline    0800 543 354
Depression Helpline   0800 111 757
Women’s Refuge   0800733 843
Men’s Helpline   0800 744 633
Parent Helpline   0800 568 865
Elder Abuse   347 1539
Budgeting    346 3236
Community Law   348 8060
Alcohol & Drug Helpline   0800 787 797
LGBT OUTLine   0800 688 5463
Suicide Helpline   0508 828 865