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Roll-Back, the Good the Bad and the Ugly!

Windows 10. For some folks the move to Windows 10 has gone smoothly, this is the Good. Another group have had a few issues, but in the end got there only to find it is not what they thought, this is the Bad. A minority have managed to get part way between their existing Operating System and Windows 10 when things kind of went wrong. Without a doubt, this is the Ugly!

The Good – this group just need to go through a bit of a learning curve to use the new Operating System and maybe go online to find the odd driver to make their printer, scanner, webcam or plug-in device work with Windows 10.

The Bad – having arrived at Windows 10 and found that it is quite different from the existing Operating System these folks do not want to go through what seems to them a big learning curve. This group are able to use the Roll-Back feature built into Windows 10 and move back to their original Operating System. The proviso here is that the Roll-Back MUST be done within 30 days, after that the files saved to allow the Roll-Back are automatically deleted from the computer.

The Ugly – things have not gone to plan and now nothing seems to be working correctly. You are stuck in No-Mans-Land with some Windows 10 features and some of the original Operating System menus and features. Now you really know you are in trouble. Hopefully the computer is still capable of running and all personal data files (documents, pictures, music, videos and possibly email) can be found and then backed up to an external drive. Yep, you can see it coming; two solutions, either a Factory Re-set (if available) or format the hard disk and re-install the original Operating System from your install disks (if you have them) and then re-install all your programs, updates and data files.

Factory Re-Set – please be aware of what this will do, this is NOT a Roll-Back! Performing this function will put your computer back the way it was the day you purchased it, maybe a few years ago. ALL programs installed and personal data you have saved since then is GONE FOREVER. Before you take this step yourself, please seek qualified advice.

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