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Windows 10 RollBack

Over the past few months, Windows 10 has been arriving on many computers and in some cases, without the knowledge of the owner. It just appears! While Windows 10 is a good Operating System, the jump in the learning curve to use it can be daunting. This is more pronounced if you arrive there from Windows 7.

Why is this happening? My take on it is that there are currently five Windows Operating Systems out there; Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This probably means having five teams of programmers providing each system with appropriate updates. I guess if you could “convince” users to move to the latest version, some of the programmers could be deployed into creating future products.

Each of the current versions of Windows has an expiry date for Microsoft support. Vista is next year in 2017, 7 is due to be dropped in 2020, 8 and 8.1 will be put out in 2023 and 10 will be done with in 2025.


Most home computers seem to be running Windows 7. This means that you are good till 2020, at which point your computer will probably need replacing as it will be around 8 or 9 years old. Any new computer you purchase at that time will have the then current version of Windows.

Once your current computer has moved into Windows 10 and you would rather have you original system, you have just 30 days to roll it back. Just a wee tip, after that the files required to successfully complete the rollback are automatically deleted from your computer.



Do you know all the passwords you use? I hope so. One of the things that consumes a heap of time is calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to either find or re-set you “lost” password. An example – if you have locked in your email password with your program, you may well have forgotten it or declared “I don’t have a password, the program just goes there”. That is fine until some work needs to be done on your computer.


May I suggest that you keep a written list of your user names and passwords. Never leave this as a document on your computer, or even in a little notebook next to the computer. Using a little notebook is fine, just keep the it away from the computer. This may save you hassles at a later time, when you certainly don’t need additional stress.


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