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Email is not new. We all have it and mostly use it on a daily basis. Given that we usually drive our car each day and we get it serviced, why do we not “service” our email?

Take a look in each of your email folders and find the oldest file in each of them? What – 2004 and several thousand emails? How can that be? Well, you probably haven’t “serviced” you email in a while.

When you look at your email, it can easily be sorted by who it’s from, the date it arrived and even the subject matter. If you sort them by who they are from, it becomes pretty easy to decide how many emails from Aunt Mary you really need to keep. Another way is to sort them by date and remove all emails prior to a date you choose.

To select a continuous series of emails, click on the first required email, hold down the Shift key and click on the last required file.

To select a collection of random emails, click on the first required email, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click on each other required email.

When you delete an email it goes into the Deleted Items folder. If you don’t clean out this folder, then emails simply accumulate here and you haven’t saved any storage space. To bypass the Deleted Items folder and permanently remove the email(s) you have selected, hold down the Shift key and tap the Delete key.

Mozilla MozBackup

For those of using the Mozilla products of Firefox (Internet access) and Thunderbird (Email), using MozBackup on a regular basis is a very easy way to backup your preferences and data from both. Running this little program is a breeze. After it starts you tell it to perform either a Backup or Restore, which of Firefox or Thunderbird you need to deal with and let it go. It will create and store the backup files in your usual Documents folder, or any place you choose in just a few minutes.

This makes life real easy if you have a bit of a glitch and need to tidy things up again or if you had to rebuild the computer. Using the Restore process, you can get back all your preferences, data, emails and Address Book. It takes only a few minutes and really is painless.

System Data Backup

A simple way to do this is to use Copy and Paste. Create a folder on and external drive and Copy all the folders, except AppData, from your “User Name” folder.   Paste these to the new folder on the external drive. Go have a cuppa as this could take a wee while. I have said this many times – how recent is your most recent backup? Have you tested it?

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