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Sometimes we get email that has an attached file, or maybe several files, but they will not open. The files can easily be saved, you can clearly see them as saved, but they still won’t open.  This is normally because you don’t have the same program that the sender created the file with.  This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it’s a newsletter from your club or organisation.

One obvious solution is for you to go and purchase the same program the sender is using.  This can be expensive and there has to be a better way.  There is!  Contact the sender and have them save the file in PDF format.  PDF is Portable Document Format and essentially the PDF save function will create a “snapshot” of the document.  This will include any font(s) used, the layout size in terms of margins and page orientation and all images included in the original document.

PDF format was originally created as an ISO definition to allow commercial printers to have a “common” file format to be used in their printing process.  As well as this it was also to preserve documents electronically so they would still be able to be viewed and printed well into the future as technology changed.

So, how is this going to help you?  PDF files can easily be opened using one of several freely available programs from the internet.  The granddaddy of them is Adobe Acrobat Reader with several more like Foxit Reader and Nitro PDF Reader readily available.  Be a bit cautious about some of the other readers as some come with extra “features” included.

If the file extension is .doc then the file is an early Microsoft Word file, but if the extension is .docx, it has been created in a version of Word from 2007 or later.  You don’t need to rush out and purchase a recent version of Word as the free program LibreOffice will open all Word files.  Same goes for Excel files, .xls is from an early version of Excel and .xlsx is from the later version.  Again, LibreOffice will open both files types.

It is always safest to save a file to your computer rather than trying to open it from within your email program.  By doing this you can right click on the saved file and have it scanned by your Antivirus and/or Trojan clean out programs prior to running it.

Microsoft Security Team

Be aware these guys are back on the rampage again.  I have had several clients in recent times let me know that they have been called by the team to be told there is a problem with their computer.  Don’t be afraid of just hanging up on them.  Or try what one client did and offer to give them my number as their computer fixit person.  The calling guy hung up then!

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