Eastside Rangatahi @ the Park

Having an extra-curricular activity can be very rewarding and a great way to meet a different group of people, but finding the right one can take some trial and error.

Extra-curricular activities have been proven to improve grades at school, as well as improve discipline and self esteem and reduce behavioral issues. It gives you somewhere to be, and something to do after school, so boredom, and the problems it causes, is also reduced.

Finding the right one to suit you can be a challenge, and I speak from experience. As you grow us, and your ideas, interests and amount of free time change, so do the activities that are right for you. I have done many different clubs and sports over the years and it wasn’t until late last year that I actually started Speech and Drama, and I haven’t looked back since. However, what suits one person won’t necessarily suit another, but having so many available certainly makes it easier. They include sports, enviro clubs, music, drama, dance, photography, volunteer services, clubs and leadership groups amongst countless others. There is bound to be at least one that suits you.

They all use different sorts of skills, and suit different people, so don’t worry if you have tried some and they haven’t worked for you. It took me a while to find mine as well. But now, I find it hard to imagine me doing anything else. So just give it a go

Emma Jackson
Youth Reporter
Student at Rotorua Lakes High School