Installation of Fibre

This is not the first time I have gone on about this. When fibre is installed in your home, remember it’s YOUR home. There have been ongoing instances of the installer telling the home owner where the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and Modem will be placed. Too often this has been in a convenient place from the installer’s point of view, but creates huge connection issues for the owner.

These units are going into your home, you are the client, so you have a major influence in where they are located. I am aware that some home owners have been told by the installer to “go into town and buy either a Wireless Adaptor or Wireless Range Extender”. This is so a normally wired desktop computer can connect wirelessly into the internet.

As some installers mount the two fibre units at the front of the building nearest the road, any wireless signal now has to pass through the remainder of your home to get to your computer. The signal speed drop-off from this can be quite dramatic. Most modern desktop computers when connected to the internet with a network cable will hook in at either 100Mbps or 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). I have seen one instance where the connect speed using a Wireless Adaptor had dropped to just 7Mbps and consequently could not get a clean connection to the internet. Signal drop-off is caused by the signal having to pass through walls, furniture, floors in a multi-story home and appliances. Often you will see a stronger single from your neighbour as it only has to pass through their outer wall and then through your outer wall with clear space between your homes.

In another home where a similar thing had happened, a new network cable was later installed from the modem to the other end of the house where the computer was located. A network connection box was placed on the wall and a short network cable connected the computer to the modem via the new wiring through the home. It now works fine, but took a while for the solution to be put in place.

There have been plenty of happy installs too. In my case the installers insisted that we hooked everything up and ensure I could get a clean connection to the internet before they left. From talking with clients, this is what seems to be happening in the majority of cases. I guess the noisy minority become very evident and consequently give the wrong impression for their trade.

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