Men’s health by Dr Andrew McMenamin

Men’s Health Week, in June, was a great success in bringing the benefits of health check ups back to the attention of our men. Don’t let it stop there!

Remember, men (or the man in your house) that just as women have so successfully adapted to the need for regular checks, even if they feel there isn’t much wrong with them, so can we.   The benefits of finding out early about things that can go wrong with the troublesome bits, are huge.

So ask yourself:

Do I have anything wrong with me at the moment?

Think about problems with urine flow, frequency of urination, or leaking?

Any blood coming out of anywhere it shouldn’t? It might be harmless, but it could be a sign of problems – get it checked.

Any problems with the “men’s bits”? Funny lumps? Pain? Not working like they should?

Chest pain? Heart problems sometimes feel like indigestion- get checked if you are not sure

Misuse of alcohol or misuse of drugs? If you wake up feeling worse for the wear, you had too much the night before. Do something about it.

Funny changes in skin spots or moles? Melanoma spreads quickly – get it checked early.

What health problems run in your family? Find out, because that’s what’s likely to go wrong with you.

You’d get your car, your mountain bike or your boat’s engine checked and maintained regularly, before it failed – do the same for your body!

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