Puketawhero Park Equipment

New Equipment at Puketàwhero Park!

Consultation on what the Eastside Youth Space should look like has resulted in the installation of three pieces of play equipment. This equipment was chosen based on feedback from our youth people and includes:

  • An Eagles Nest which is a 6m high framed climbing structure with four 1.2m diameter baskets suspended at different heights with 3 connecting ladders between the nets, two climbing chimneys and 5 climbing robes with diverse garland and hanging ropes.
  • A Viking Snake Swing which is a timber framed 8 seater heavy duty chunky 160mm diameter plaited rope swing that can hold up to 12 individuals.
  • A Flying Saucer Swing which is a timber framed 1.2m basket swing that can be used by 1 to 5 individuals at once.

There is still more to come with seating, social spaces and additions to the skate boarding and basket ball areas to be completed.   We also hope to have a fitness area developed.

This photo was taken before the fencing was taken down and the bark was in place. By now the equipment should be looking a lot smarter than shown here.

The development of the Eastside Youth Space has taken a long time to happen. As a community let’s encourage those who use it to look after it.