Our Trishaw is on its way…

With the generous support from the Infinity Foundation we have been able to put in an order for our very own Trishaw, that is, a Trishaw which can be used within our Eastside communities. The expected delivery date is December.

What is a Trishaw? As you will see by the photo below, a Trishaw is a powered by a pilot or driver at the back, with up to two passengers being given the opportunity to travel around their community by bike.   While some people may see this Trishaw as a “bike project”, we see it as so much more. We have learnt from other places around the world that a Trishaw provides the opportunity for intergenerational contact, as well as social and health benefits for those who previously have not been able to explore their community because of health, mobility or isolation issues.

Our Trishaw has all the bells and whistles, including an electric engine (to help with getting up the hills or cycling in a strong head wind), a pillow for the bench seat, hood and even a leg cover. Even in some challenging conditions, the passengers should be toasty warm.

We are on the lookout for those who would like to participate in putting our Trishaw into action. Volunteers who are open to learning how to ‘pilot’ the Trishaw, as well as those who would like to be passengers. If you think either of these roles is for you please contact the Mokoia Community Association office on 345 5971. If you would like more information about the trishaw you will find it at the Cycling Without Age website or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmrOQLfvp9I&feature=youtube

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