Active Aging

Rotorua Age Concern is developing a SuperGold Skills Service

This service provides an opportunity for retired people who are keen to continue to use their professional or trades skills to help Supergold and/or Community Services card-holders. The ‘Skilled Retirees’ are members of Age Concern, police vetted with their consent. The cost for this service is negotiated between the person requesting the job and the ‘Skilled Retiree’. Age Concern acts only as an intermediary for the service.

Here’s how the Supergold Skills Service works:

– A Supergold card-holder or community service card-holder phones Age Concern enquiring about a job they would like to be done
– Age Concern responds by contacting an appropriate ‘Skilled Retiree’ on their database and gives them the contact details of the enquirer
– A quote for the job is negotiated between the ‘Skilled Retiree’ and the enquirer
– Payment is made to the ‘Skilled Retiree’ on completion of the job to the enquirer’s satisfaction
– A satisfaction survey is sent by AC to the enquirer with a self-addressed and stamped envelope
– Age Concern provides and absorbs the cost of all administration
If you have a job you need done, or would like to continue to use your expertise and experience to help others in your community, please call Rotorua Age Concern on 347 1539.