Haylea MacCormick

Share the vision.

Eastside Child Friendly is an initiative which aims to have all of our tamariki (children) and young people (rangatahi) thriving in safe and healthy homes and families while being supported by their wider community to reach their potential.  The aim is for all of our children and young people to be productive and active citizens contributing to their communities.  Of course, meeting this aim will not happen without the support of every one of us—parents, extended family, neighbours, teachers and decision makers.  As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child— this saying highlighting the role of the community in guiding our young people in contemporary society and nurturing their development.  In order to raise its profile we held a competition to create a logo for the Eastside Child Friendly initiative.   We acknowledge all of those who put in a submission and are proud to say that 13 year old Haylea MacCormick, an Eastside resident, won the competition.   Congratulations Haylea, we love your design!

While the logo will be used alongside any activities linked with the Eastside Child Friendly initiative, we also hope that those who support the initiative will display it where they can.  Those from the Eastside Community Collective (made up of representatives from our Eastside communities, churches, schools and those agencies working to improve the lives of those who live Eastside Rotorua)  have made a commitment to adding the logo to their email signature.  If you would like a digital copy of the logo to help spread the word about the initiative please email Leigh at community@mokoiaca.org.nz.
One activity coming up under the Eastside Child Friendly Initiative is a whanau day on Sunday March 12th at the Eastside Youth Space, Puketàwhero Park.  This event is also during national Parks Week (4th—12th) so put this date in your diary and come along to participate in a number of fun activities.  More information about event will be in our next newsletter and on our facebook page.