That new address comes at a price by Pakanui Tuhura

As you read this article the Rotorua Budget Advisory Service should have moved offices from Community House on Haupapa Street to the corner of Pukuatua and Amohia Streets. Community House is to be demolished and we are bidding farewell to a building that has provided communal housing for us and many other community organisations over the last 23 years.

The costs of moving home aren’t cheap and there are a number of things to consider. There is arranging for accommodation at your new location. This needs to be done as early as possible and if moving into rental accommodation will involve the payment of a bond and a number of weeks of rent. If purchasing at a new location then mortgage finance needs to be arranged and will entail buying a LIM report, pre-purchase property report from the local Council, legal fees and may also require a builder’s and/or electrician’s reports for insurance purposes.

Then there is the cost of packing, freight, storage and travel from your previous abode and delivery and unpacking at your new location. If using a moving company there is the hire of personnel and truck but also the purchase of packing boxes, insurance and storage if there is any delay in the move. There may be the cost of hiring a trailer (or truck), fuel etc if moving yourself with the help of friends and family. Moving costs all depend on how much you are moving and how far.

Finally there is the transfer of services such as power (don’t forget to read the meter on your last day), phone landline, paid TV, etc. In fact all creditors and friends will all need to know your new address and getting change of address postcards from NZ Post will help with this. If your children are changing schools then there will be all the uniform and stationery set up costs we looked at in the February article.

Moving house can be quite complicated and if not carefully managed can create issues later on, but careful planning (and budgeting for costs) will relieve a lot of the stress involved in the move. Once you have relocated then all the normal costs of accommodation, food, power kick in again so I suggest that you come in and get a budget done before your move and then a few weeks after. This will at least give you reassurance that you have covered all the costs at both locations and it’s only going to cost you some time.

Pakanui Tuhura,  Manager—Rotorua Budget Advisory Service