The Green Prescription by Dr Sarah Dalziel

For a lot of us it can be a real challenge to start and maintain physical activity.  Being physically active has many benefits such as feeling good, having more energy, increased fitness and preventing or controlling medical conditions.

Exercise helps you to:

Feel more confident, happy and relaxed

Have more energy

Improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Maintain a healthy weight

Reduce stress and help with feelings of anxiety or depression

Improve sleeping habits

Keep bones strong

Help with some respiratory conditions such as asthma

Reduce the pain of arthritis

Reduce the risk of some types of cancer

Reduce the risk of falling

A green prescription is written advice from your doctor or practice nurse to be ACTIVE.

Referral to the Green Prescription programme gives you support to help improve your health and feel better.  Most people will benefit from being more active.  People with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, depression, arthritis and obesity are most likely to benefit.

Once a green prescription has been recommended by your GP an initial consultation is arranged for you to meet one of the trained green prescription team to discuss appropriate physical activity and healthy food options available in the community.  You will get help and encouragement with setting goals and ongoing support and motivation with physical activity.  There is also the chance to meet other people in the community who are choosing to be more active.

If you need help to get more active then speak to your doctor or practice nurse to get a Green Prescription or visit for more information.