Yoga Classes

Do You want to Try Yoga?

Restorative Yoga suits people unable to do Beginner Yoga. This class suits people recovering from illness, or suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis; arthritis and stress related illnesses. Yoga improves cardiovascular health, aids digestion and elimination, improves sleep and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It has also been shown to speed the recovery from surgery and also aid in the grieving process. The Restorative Yoga session includes gentle flexibility moves and a longer Relaxation period, which is very kind on the body and gives great potential for healing and repair to occur.

Beginner Yoga accommodates healthy people who are not very flexible, or who are new to yoga. Basic poses, breathing techniques and body alignment are taught. Props and straps are used to support progress, as required. The benefits of practising yoga include:

Physical Benefits
Muscle tone
Pain Prevention
Better Breathing
Body Awareness
Building Balance

Enhancing Health
Bone Density Improvement
Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Mental Calmness
Stress Reduction
Easing Anxiety and Depression
Back Pain Relief
Heart Disease Prevention

Jean Hunter is the Teacher. Cost would be $10 a lesson for both Restorative and Beginner yoga. Please ring the Mokoia Community Association Office on 345 5971 if you would be interested in joining a class.