Self help empowering programs – Whanau Support by Huhana Pene

Carrying on from my March issue, by the time you read this I would have survived my 12 week long bootcamp.  What have I learnt from that?  Change is possible but it takes hard work, commitment and a belief in yourself.

When I think about self help empowering programs for individuals, I am reminded that whilst we seek change for ourselves, we also need to consider our environment, relationships, choice of lifestyles, work-family balance and other obligations we have to community and society that can put a strain on our own wellbeing.  So I thought it was timely to bring back the program I ran last year once again:  If there is one thing I learnt from the bootcamp, have a good support team behind you, starting with your family / whanau or really supportive friends.

AN INSIDE OUT – EASTSIDE PROGRAM:    (6 sessions + 2 follow up sessions)

Challenged by family dynamics?  This is for individuals, couples or family/whanau wanting to improve their relationship with each other, starting from the inside-out.

Outcome: better understanding of what triggers you and why, then how to heal your past by letting go.

Say what you want to say without hurting each other in the process.  Establish your own “On Track” program that  sustains a healthier, happier relationship where we can agree to disagree with acceptable outcomes.
For more information call me on 345 5971.

Here’s something for you to use as a self care check.  Ideally this is the look we aim for below – a well balanced life with each part equal.  Whilst they may be a challenge to achieve at least have a go at drawing up your own.  List the things, jobs, family activities and other things going on for you right now as it is.  Then draw the pie again how you would like it to be, then set 3 goals for yourself to achieve the ideal.

Your Personal Pie Chart

For example:

  1. I will only answer my work mobile within work hours.
  2. I will spend quality time with my family or friends, anything else during that time can wait. (housework, facebook, texting etc)
  3. I will take 1 hour a day to do something for me.

Best of luck this month.